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Silvia Trkman Puppy Class Week 1

Monday started Week 1 of Silvia Trkman’s puppy class.  There are 5 training assignments to work on over 2 weeks.  This video is of two of the assignments:  4 In a Box and Froggie.  I’m sure that both of these are designed to build rear end awareness.  Ander is just starting to get an inkling […]

Today’s Training

For lunch, he worked his retrieves. Here it is. Sadly, I’m blocking most of it. Must position us differently next time. We did our evening training outside. And yes, there’s another Naughty Puppy segment.

Hiking Trip

First here are a couple of pictures from a couple of weeks ago that I just downloaded off the camera: Yesterday my husband and I went hiking up Brown Canyon and took Ander and Zane.  Zane, sigh.  He is a fearful dog, but he’s been doing so much better.  But on this hiking trip, he […]

So much progress!

Ander is making progress in so many areas!  I’m thrilled with how much he’s starting to do. Tonight he started getting rear leg movement on his perchwork; he had his first little whiplash turn in nosework; and his propioception/balance work was amazing.  What an awesome puppy!   It’s interesting to watch his interaction with the […]

Another busy morning

This morning’s training session: After he trains, he goes into a crate to finish his breakfast while I work the other dogs.  This morning he saw me heading to the crate and turned and went back to where we trained, put his paws up on the couch where the training gear was, telling me, “I […]

Visiting Day

Ander has had a busy couple of days.  Yesterday he went to my Retrieve and Scent Work Class.  I had him take his dumbbell and scent articles a couple of times each, then put them aside on a low bin by my chair.  He ended up picking up the dumbbell. . . which of course […]

Agility Weekend

This past weekend we headed to Las Cruces for an agility trial.  Ander tagged along for the socialization.  I found the best way to get him comfortable with a person is to just hand him off and leave.  He could very easily become a one person dog, and while I don’t need him to like […]