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Control Unleashed The Puppy Program

I’m currently reading Control Unleashed – The Puppy Program.  I just finished reading a section on giving your puppy breaks during training.  She says there are four natural behaviors to use during breaks:  sniffing, chewing, foraging, and play (although she states that play is not appropriate for all puppies on their breaks).

When I’m training Ander, I try to balance self-control exercises with moving exercises with tug.  After reading that chapter, I realized that when we do the nosework, that fits the foraging portion of natural behaviors.

We spent a lot of time in the training session tonight, but a lot of that time was spent playing.

Ander has had two sessions taking a dumbbell/scent article.  While I hold the dumbbell/article in front of his face, he will open his mouth and close his mouth on the item.  I started with a nose touch to the item, and he quickly progressed to open mouth.

One interesting thing I have noticed:  I put the wobble board on the back porch.  He’s not too sure of it moving under his feet, so he will walk up to it, put one paw on it and push it down, watch it move, then leave.  I’d love to know what he’s thinking.


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