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Chirping, Potty Time, and Delicacies

When Ander has the hiccups, he chirps like a little bird.  It is the most adorable thing.


Ander has entered a new phase in his “daily life” routine that all of my dogs have to go through.  He’s entered the new phase based on his behavior.  What’s the new phase?  Pottying on leash.  After having a dog who wouldn’t potty on leash nor in new places, all dogs who came after him learn as puppies to potty on leash.  It was time to start Ander on this training because when he goes outside, he would much rather play and run and have fun, and sometimes forgets to potty.  He hasn’t had any accidents in the house, but it could happen.  So now we go outside on leash, and after he potties, he’s let off-leash to play.  So we get to work on door manners, loose leash walking, pottying on leash, and a release to play as a reward all at the same time.


Now for the delicacies.  This is a not-so-delicate topic.  We are having very high winds today.  High winds blow the horse poop from the horse pasture into the yard.  All my dogs think horse poop is the best treat ever, and Ander has been introduced to the joys of horse poop.  Ugh.




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