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Home Depot, Vet, Training

Yesterday Ander went with me to Home Depot and the feed store. He approached several people, let several pet him, and there was only one person he didn’t want to approach. He also went to class last night and had several people feed him bits of his dinner, met a couple of friendly dogs, demonstrated his eye contact and the new “go to mat” behavior he’s working on. All in all, a busy day for a little boy.

He practiced “paws up” on the Home Depot cart.

Paws up on Home Depot cart

He stopped to smell the flowers and wanted to eat one.

Stopping to smell the flowers

Today he went to the vet. He was 22.6 lb. He had his distemper/parvo vaccine and was declared healthy and adorable. (And big!) This is Ander with his vet.

Ander and his vet

This morning we worked on downs.

Ander and I are starting to figure each other out a bit. He doesn’t like a lot of reps, he doesn’t like to be wrong, food is only so motivating, and you better have a tug toy.


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