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Agility Weekend

This past weekend we headed to Las Cruces for an agility trial.  Ander tagged along for the socialization.  I found the best way to get him comfortable with a person is to just hand him off and leave.  He could very easily become a one person dog, and while I don’t need him to like everybody, I do need him to accept other people.  I get a lot of kids and teenagers going through the house and don’t want him worried about every person who comes in.  He also did better if people would bend down, look away, and extend a hand for him to approach.

This is last night’s training session:

Last night before bed, I also started to shape him to get into a low plastic box.  We did it again this morning during his morning training:

And I think I’m going to get myself into trouble.  I love to train.  I love to train new behaviors.  And I love to learn new training concepts.  So I signed Ander and myself up for Silvia Trkman’s Puppy Class (and enrolled Zane in the Agility Foundations class).  So I think we’ll be learning lots of weird things here soon!


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