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Another busy morning

This morning’s training session:

After he trains, he goes into a crate to finish his breakfast while I work the other dogs.  This morning he saw me heading to the crate and turned and went back to where we trained, put his paws up on the couch where the training gear was, telling me, “I want to play some more!”  That’s the attitude I like!

After I got the girls off to school I had to hit the grocery store for a couple of items.  I took Ander and his mat, and we sat in front of the store by the door and worked on relaxing on the mat and the Look at That game while people and carts went by.  I was asked what kind of mix he was.  And somebody else told me he was very small.  <snort>

I started off clicking for just being on the mat – I didn’t care what position.  For awhile, he just wanted to stand.  After awhile he sat, then finally lay down.  I didn’t want to make him down, but was happy to see him relax enough to do it.

After the grocery store we went to Petsmart.  He loved to watch the parakeets fly around.  He also picked out a new toy – a squirrel with two acorns in the belly to pull out.  He’s napping now, but when he gets up he can play with it.  He carried it around the store for awhile – so cute.


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