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Visiting Day

Ander has had a busy couple of days.  Yesterday he went to my Retrieve and Scent Work Class.  I had him take his dumbbell and scent articles a couple of times each, then put them aside on a low bin by my chair.  He ended up picking up the dumbbell. . . which of course got him a cookie.  So I had him take it off the ground a couple of times.  So exciting!  Before and after class I was able to do some BAT and Control Unleashed work – so good for him.  And I handed him off to a friend and had her work with him a bit while I left.  He really needs that.  He very quickly got attached to me and I want him comfortable around other people.

This morning we stopped at the vet clinic just for pets and cookies (which he didn’t want) and to step on the scale (24.4 lb).  Then we went to the feed store (different one from last week) to pick up some cat food.  We wandered around in there a bit.  Then we headed to the park.  This is a busy park with a dog park (which we didn’t go to), walking paths, and lots of activity.  He watched the kids on the playground, so a girl on a bike and another girl on a scooter, saw a man on a bike pulling a bike trailer, and watched the dogs at the dog park.

Oh yeah. . . at the feed store, they had a large freestanding Science Diet sign – the one with the Sheltie face on it.  He was scared of that sign!  He barked and barked and barked at it.

Here is yesterday morning’s training session.  I did have to put a cuteness alert in one section.  I just melt when I see him do it! My husband laughed at me, “You’re giggling on the video and you’re giggling in real life watching the video.”

Yesterday evening the training building was hot.  Ander was very lackluster and didn’t even want to tug.  So we tried some quieter activities.


I’m trying to figure out a cool photo shoot for Ander.  I’ve had no inspiration yet.  I need inspiration!


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