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So much progress!

Ander is making progress in so many areas!  I’m thrilled with how much he’s starting to do.

Tonight he started getting rear leg movement on his perchwork; he had his first little whiplash turn in nosework; and his propioception/balance work was amazing.  What an awesome puppy!


It’s interesting to watch his interaction with the other dogs in the house.  He won’t bother Travis – gives him a wide berth.  He ignores Emily which is very interesting, as Emily is usually all about play, and she’s not with him.  He considers Zane his big play buddy.  And then Bella. . . Bella needs turn give him a good talking to, and she won’t.  He goes after her, bites her, body slams her, and she just takes it.  I either split them or Zane does (he’s very good at knowing when the energy isn’t right and splitting dogs who need it).  I even watch Ander see Bella, lay down and watch her, then stalk her and slam into her.  So now I stop it at the first step.  Bella is way too tolerant of puppies – she accepts behaviors she would never accept in an older dog.


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