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I love the changes I’m seeing

When Ander first came and for a couple of weeks after, I was wondering if I’d ever get a recall on him. His normal response when I called him was to look at me and run the other way. Now he here’s his name and comes running as fast as he can. I love to […]


Here are some pictures from the weekend in Phoenix: Ander and Rex Playing chase: Tired out and guarding the cooler: Tonight we went out and played with the tunnel. It tired him out enough that he was too tired for much training, so we worked on down-stays. They wouldn’t have been that good if he […]

He’s an awesome puppy

Oh, it’s time to try to catch up. We were at an agility trial this weekend. We stayed with my friend Stacie, so Ander got to play with Rex again. He barked at one dog at the agility trial. No clue why he decided that one dog wasn’t acceptable, but it wasn’t a dog there […]

Puppy Class 3

Tonight at puppy class, Ander actually played with the other puppies. One was a little too pushy for him and didn’t want to do much with her, but lots of play bows and playing with another. Yay Ander! We’ve been working on the back up, and he started offering it in class – he moved […]

Easter Torture

Today Ander was tortured with a bath and Easter pictures. I’ll put the pictures up closer to Easter. We had snow today, so now things are wet and muddy. He won’t stay clean for long. Today’s training sessions from lunch and dinner. He’s making progress so fast. I really didn’t think he’d get the perch […]

Today’s training

He is making so much progress! Nasty weather today – high winds, rain, and snow expected tonight. So no going out and having fun.

Another busy weekend

Friday morning I started uploaded an Ander training video and immediately left to go to herding, then once we left herding I headed to Phoenix.  So although it got loaded, I wasn’t able to post it.   We’re back home, so here was Friday’s session:   He did his work in Phoenix (new place, yay!) […]