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Puppy Class Update

I’m still concentrating on Froggie and 4 In a Box.  He has no clue what he’s being clicked for with froggie.  I moved the cushion so his back feet would be on the tile, hoping the more slippery surface would get his back feet moving more.  Nope.  I’m still pondering how to get this one.


For 4 In a Box, I went back to the big box and just worked on getting him to understand that the back feet are the key.  He actually got in the box with all 4 the short way, so that was progress.  He is starting to reach forward with the back foot – he doesn’t always get it in, but he’s understanding that that is the key.


Last night he went to Retrieve class with me again.  He picked up his leather article (and a full size one too!) with no problem.  He did get a little snarky toward a couple of dogs, so worked through that until he was happy to have them around.  This is why we’ll be attending a real life puppy kindergarten – he needs to meet more friendly dogs.  The Rottie he snarked at last night (by snarking I mean that he snapped at her a couple of times) just watched him and was perfectly happy when he decided to make friends.





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