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Sneaky Boy

I have a couple of x-pens blocking in an area behind my desk so Ander has a nice place area. When he needs to go potty, he will come sit beside me and stare at me. This evening, he came and stared at me, so I got up, opened the x-pen to take him out, and Zane got up from under my desk to come too. As soon as he did, Ander grabbed him chewy, lay down, and started chewing. He had his own chewy before, but wanted Zane’s, so used his little trick to get what he wanted. Sneaky boy.

Sometimes when he wants attention, he will come put a paw on my leg or shoe, so now that is being put on cue. I ask, “Who’s, the boss?” And Ander puts his paw on me. Too cute!

This evening’s training session.

I didn’t do it as much in this session, but in the earlier sessions today I’m starting something new. I’ll get 3-5 clicks, then tell him to take a break, pick up whatever we’re training with, and let him go sniff and wander. When he comes back, we train again for 3-5 clicks. I’m putting his “breaks” that he takes anyway on cue, controlling when they happen, and rewarding him for coming back. It should help build his endurance. Every once in a while instead of giving him a break, I bring out a toy and we play – which is another type of break.


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