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This morning I had to go to the car dealer as my remote had stopped working. I took Ander along, and he visited the parts department, the ladies in billing, sat in the waiting room and worked on attention, chair fronts, and Who’s the Boss. Then we walked around the lot and he picked out his new car.

Here he is in the waiting room:
14 weeks

It was nice to see him accept people petting him without pulling away. I could tell he wasn’t thrilled with them petting him, but he accepted it better than he has in the past. Of course, they gave him chicken, so that made him happy. And he laid on the billing counter while those ladies loved on him. Such a relaxed puppy!

Then we headed across the street to the city park. There was as softball team practicing, so we stopped to watch them. The crack of the bat hitting the ball didn’t bother him at all. Then we went to the playground and checked out the playground equipment.

Climbing on the merry-go-round (no, I didn’t spin it).
14 weeks

Then he got goofy!
14 weeks

14 weeks14 weeks

14 weeks

14 weeks

I just talked to Raechelle, Ander’s breeder, and she said that when they walked the golf course, he had to visit every sand pit. He’s a sand puppy! He loves sand, and that’s what makes him goofy. I must take him to California to the beach!

For lunch, he worked on 4 in a Box. I’m using a round pot now that has a smaller diameter than the box he’s been using, so he’s really having to work and can’t always get all four in. But we did end on a good note with 4 in a Box (Pot).

14 weeks

This evening we worked with the wobble board. He’s been a bit hesitant to get on it, so I wanted to use some negative reinforcement to help it along. When I clicked for stepping on it, I tossed the treat behind him so he could get off the wobble board and away from it (taking away the pressure of being on it). Knowing that he can leave, and nobody is forcing him on and using the release of pressure as a reward increased the behavior (reinforcement). In less than 5 minutes he had all 4 feet on. I’d rather have him thinking, “I can do this, and if it’s too much, I can get off,” than feeling forced to stay on.


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