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Puppy Class

Tonight was Ander’s second “real life” puppy class (as opposed to his online Trkman puppy class).  The puppy he didn’t like started off loud and obnoxious and Ander and I played the Look at That game and he didn’t react at all.  They got the other puppy working, and things were fine.  They passed each other several times while working on loose leash walking and no problems.  And by the end of class, Ander was going, “Hey, he’s getting cookies over there.  I want to go over there and get cookies too!”  Much better this week!


Some funny moments in class. . . this is a pet manners only class.  There is no concept of any training beyond pet manners and tricks.  Since there’s a lot of down time in class, I took a target and worked on his “crossed paws” work from Trkman’s class.  The instructor asked what I was doing and I told her that I was teaching him to cross his paws.  She said, “I’ve never heard of such a thing.  I didn’t know you could teach a dog to do that.”  Yep, and you’d be amazed at how much you can teach a dog to do that you’ve never even imagined!


Then she was going to use Ander to show how to teach a roll over.  I knew what was coming.  She put him in a sit and was about to lure him into a down. I told her that he only does a down from a stand, never a sit.  So she stood up. . . she had no concept of a dog going from a stand folding back into a down.  She thought she had to stand up.  Oy.


Ander’s work on circling the perch is going well.  And actually, when trying to work on his two-on-two-off on a board, he started pivoting around it!  Yay!  Right now I’d rather have the pivoting than the 2o2o, so I’ll take it!  We’re also working on backing up, and I like to use backing up to a board/target for 2o2o.  This was something else that wasn’t going well – he did NOT want to step up on the board behind him.  But today he started to get it!  Woohoo!  He’ll be backing up in no time.


In case I haven’t said it enough, I really, really love this puppy.  He’s very cool!



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