Puppy Class 3

Tonight at puppy class, Ander actually played with the other puppies. One was a little too pushy for him and didn’t want to do much with her, but lots of play bows and playing with another. Yay Ander!

We’ve been working on the back up, and he started offering it in class – he moved about 2 feet back. I didn’t realize what he was doing at first, then it hit me that he was backing up without a target to back to. Wow!

That said, early this week he started doing his turn on the forequarters without the bowl for his feet. Another wow!

And this morning’s training working on retrieve (getting him to pick up as many different objects as possible) and his sit up.


2 comments on “Puppy Class 3

  1. wow! Look at that puppy go..that is awesome Nita! I love all that you are doing with him and so happy that you have him! You can see he really ‘loves’ working with you. He is leggy, but his proportions seem to be holding together:)

  2. Awww. thanks Raechelle. He is leggy! But I also think his proportions are really nice. I have no complaints. And I feel like his head is changing a bit – not as puppyish.

    My goal for these early months is to introduce him to as many behaviors as possible. I won’t get any of them polished, but the foundations will be there for me to pull on later. Am I worried that he’s not picking things up and bringing them to me? Nope. . . I just want him to realize that can put lots of things in his mouth – different sizes, shapes, materials, etc. Later we can finish working the rest of the retrieve.

    I feel like he’s really starting to blossom and figure out this whole training game. But boy is he getting vocal when he thinks I haven’t clicked him when I should. 😀

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