He’s an awesome puppy

Oh, it’s time to try to catch up. We were at an agility trial this weekend. We stayed with my friend Stacie, so Ander got to play with Rex again. He barked at one dog at the agility trial. No clue why he decided that one dog wasn’t acceptable, but it wasn’t a dog there for the trial – it was just passing through going to a different part of the park. He didn’t react to any of the other dogs.

I also picked up three of the Vallhunds he played with before. They’re staying with us for 10 days, so he has three new playmates all the time. Good thing, as he’s a little wound up from having to be a good puppy for 2 days.

Oh! I forgot! He learned to use the doggie door at Stacie’s. At first he would only come in through the door, but the second day, he was going out too. It was so cute to see him pushing through.

It also looks like his head is changing some. It doesn’t look quite as wide. It’s so fun to watch puppies change and mature.

Today he went on a little puppy track. This is the most boring video in the world. I’m warning you now.

We received our third set of assignments from Trkman puppy class today, so we’re busy working on new activities too!


2 comments on “He’s an awesome puppy

  1. I love your puppy too! He is sooo cool:) He has shed out his puppy coat and has the beginnings of puppy pants coming in…Catcher still has tons of puppy fluff. Catchers head got a tiny bit narrow today as well. Ander really seems to love to work for you. Pretty cool how he started out not to eager to offer things and now he is getting really intense about it! I bet in another month, he is gonna be insane—-yay!

  2. He has a couple of patches on his back where there is no more puppy fur and the adult fur is shorter than the surrounding hair, so it looks a bit odd. But he is still shedding puppy coat. . . it’s getting warm here and he’s ready to lose it all.

    I’m amazed how much he has changed in his willingness to try and offer things. He just gets in there and does it! I think enrolling in the Trkman puppy class was the best thing. . . she teaches some things I don’t and she has some unique stuff. I’m always up for a new challenge. . . and now Ander is too! He’s getting to be so much fun.

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