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He’s still a smartie-pants

Ander can now jump on the couch by himself.  He thinks he’s hot stuff!  “I’m going to get up there and crawl all over you now!” Our APDT Rally trial is scheduled for August, and he’ll be able to enter the puppy class.  I decided I better look over the exercises and figure out what […]

First Demo

Here is Ander at 5 months: And look! Wet puppies are scrawny puppies. And puppy planking on Jill’s legs: Today Ander went to a dog fair and did a demo on the beginning steps in Nosework training. Three other dogs demonstrated the more advanced work, but it was a good experience for a little guy. […]

He’s too smart

Ander is so busy these days. He’s always looking for something to carry around – usually shoes. People who don’t put their shoes away have to go on a shoe hunt. But he will take other things also. And if I’m carrying something in my hand, he wants it in his mouth. He makes me […]

Penning Ducks

Look Ma! No target!

Ander’s perchwork is coming together! He doesn’t need a target in most situations now and is getting good! We went to the park to train this morning and I was using tug as his reward. He gets amped up playing tug, and just couldn’t get into heel – the brain wouldn’t engage. So I just […]

New Assignments

Today we received our new Trkman puppy class assignments. We worked the hardest two today, both morning and evening. The first assignment was much easier than I thought. It was 2o2o, but with two legs on the same side of the body. He’s better doing it one way than the other as he prefers to […]

Paw Pods

Tonight I pulled out the paw pods that a friend returned last week. I put two on the ground, not expecting much – it’s a pretty advanced exercise to get your back feet on those. Well, Ander did it within seconds. Wow! I can’t believe this boy! On his free-stacking work, I’ve got him down […]