Froggie at the Hotel

This weekend I took Bella and Ander to Phoenix for a mock herding trial. Part of our bedtime routine at home is for Bella, Ander, and Zane to get on the bed and work on “froggie”. Bella and Ander did it at the hotel – they don’t want to pass up easy cookies!

One of the Trkman things we’re supposed to be working on is the “pee trick” – where the dog lifts a rear leg in the air like a boy dog peeing. It builds off of the backing into 2o2o and raising the platforms. Today I propped a platform against the couch and started working on it. Then this evening he took off with it! Now I have to figure out what to name it. That’s the hard part. A couple of years ago I saw a woman who would say, “Cesar Milan,” and her dog would do the pee trick. I need a good cue!


2 comments on “Froggie at the Hotel

  1. I can’t believe how quick he caught onto that pee trick He is gangly, but his front isn’t all east west or anything. That is a good thing:)
    the frog thing on the bed was sweet…him moving his back legs extra was exactly something that his mom would do

  2. He’s not easty-westy, but his chest is very narrow right now. And yes, gangly definitely describes him! He’s all legs. But he’s still adorable. 😀

    He is so funny the way he moves his legs to make sure I’m noticing that he’s doing froggie. Soon, he’s going to be “swimming” like a frog on the bed. Funny that Cora would do the same thing.

    And yes, he’s getting the pee trick amazingly fast. I think I’m going to call it ‘hike’, like “hike a leg”.

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