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Tracking Fun

Today we finally got out for Ander’s second HITT session. HITT is Hydration Intensified Tracking Training. You use water along the track, and you start on cement or asphalt. After you spray the line you walk, you place your treats on it, then take the dog down it. In the beginning stages, the whole goal is teaching the dog nose down behavior. And you start with the hardest substances so they are easy later.

This evening we did our second jump training session. I added a second “jump” (all he gets now are stride regulators to stride over – no actual jumping).

Ander is getting more fearless and this afternoon he was climbing up the a-frame. He’s scaring me, so I think I’m going to lower it until he’s older and can handle the height safely. I don’t want him leaping off and getting hurt.

Bad puppy on a-frame - 18 weeks

All my dogs like apples. When I’m eating an apple, Bella sits beside me, watching every move, waiting for the core. Ander has learned the joys of apple cores, so I’ve started breaking the core into pieces to share among the dogs. When he hears that core snap, he’s right there waiting for his piece. He has to give eye contact to get it, but he loves his apples.

Tonight’s training:

And we ended with some nosework:


One comment on “Tracking Fun

  1. he is so cute…he had to come up to the camera to say “Hi Grandma”. He looks like he is leveled out on his topline this week. He is so cute:)

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