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Oh Ander!

I just want to reiterate that the puppy class we’re in is the only puppy class in town, and I’m not thrilled with it, and we’re only there for socialization. . . The instructor only knows how to get certain very basic behaviors, and doesn’t understand much about dog training and doesn’t know how trainable dogs are.

Tonight we had the option to learn shake (he knows), crawl (not thrilled with a crawl – I see too much crawling on down-stays), or roll over. I picked roll over. But. . . every couple of minutes, the other puppy would come try to pounce on him, so Ander was not going to progress with a rollover. So I moved over to the wall to work on “hike” (the pee trick). I didn’t think he could climb up the wall with his back feet as it was a tile wall. Well, the instructor asks what we’re working on, and I explain he’s targeting the wall with his back foot. She’s exclaiming that she’s never seen anything like that, and what does Ander do? He climbs up the wall with his back feet. Woohoo! Go Ander. Blow her mind!

Next week, the last class, there’s a trick contest. I think I’ll take all his little props and really show them some stuff a dog can do. Talk about broadening her horizons. . .


One comment on “Oh Ander!

  1. You show them! Ander will get to put on quite a performance!!!!!!

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