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River Fun

This morning we went hiking, then to the river to play. The dogs had a blast!
We hiked an old railroad bed:
18 weeks

Ander kept getting into heel position on his own:
18 weeks

The wash to the river:
18 weeks

The top of the bridge is the railroad bed we walked. On the other side is the river:
18 weeks

And the water:
18 weeks

He hit a deep spot and went under. Here he is getting out:
18 weeks

The dunking made him a drowned rat:
18 weeks

Today’s training in two sessions. I’m adding movement to his 2o2o. First time doing this, so it’s a lot of 1 step forward, 2 steps back. I used a smaller target for his perch work, and he could do it. And he’s getting better at “slam” – both feet up and pushing. Think of the preparation for the teeter!

I introduced him to the cone tonight – I use it to teach “out” and “wrap”. I’m working “hike” with smaller targets. I need to be sure to balance smaller targets with larger ones for more duration. Again, this 2 steps forward, 1 step back to maintain it. I shaped him to get on a stool (circus dog!), and went back to 4-in-a-box with the goal to get smaller this week.


One comment on “River Fun

  1. he looks good, he is really leveling out growth wise and starting to look like a young man now!

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