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Flower Dog

We spent the morning at the park, meeting friends for obedience practice. Ander was tortured with flowers and bugs.

19 weeks

19 weeks

19 weeks

19 weeks

19 weeks

19 weeks

He hated this ladybug. He kept pawing it off, and I kept putting it back on him. I didn’t get any really good pics, but he’s definitely saying, “Stop bugging me!”
19 weeks

And he went up a tree! This was harder than the couch or the wall.
19 weeks

We did a circle track this morning. You can just around and around and around. He does cut through the middle in the beginning, but I figure that shows him that there’s no food where there’s no scent. When he’s ready for transitions, we’ll do a lot of circle tracks that transition from asphalt to grass and back to asphalt, and just let him circle it several times figuring out the transitions. The only treats he missed today were the ones right before and right after the clump of grass on the track. So I guess that was a mini transition and he didn’t get it. 😀 After I stopped putting down treats, he continued to follow it for a bit, so I had to throw one last reward out there before taking him off the track.

This evening we worked on climbing onto the stool again, then I pulled out a smaller stool to work on “hike”. Nope, he wanted to climb on top of it. I can’t believe he got up there.

Jill just called out to me, “Mom, look at him!” Ander was doing “paws up” on her stomach while she was on the floor, leaning against the couch. He can paws up on anything now. 😀


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