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Put it in

After meal times, if I don’t pick up food bowls right away, there will come a horrible clatter from the living room. Ander, on occasion, has picked up a food bowl, and I’ve gotten all excited when he does, so now he picks them up, but tosses them onto the tile so I know he’s doing it and will come in and have another party with him.

Here’s yesterday’s tracks. I’m spacing food farther apart. Unfortunately, his serpentine track didn’t record – the battery ran out. He had trouble with it. I have to keep the food spacing closer on the serpentines for a while.

This morning we started working on a new behavior: put it in. The final goal is picking up an object and putting it in a container. I’m starting with a toy in a food bowl (the bowl we use for perchwork actually). This is an interesting shaping exercise as it is back-chained with the toy in the bowl to start with. I really thought this was going to take a long time for him to get, but in his second session this evening, he was putting the toy into the bowl on purpose. Wow! Of course, he had to put his feet in the bowl and try to pick up the bowl in the process. . . he’s learning too many things with bowls.


One comment on “Put it in

  1. what a cutie! He is starting to level out growth wise and get some coat back in. I like how he looks a lot!
    and, of course, he is just tooo smart!

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