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Dog Show Weekend

This weekend Ander went to a dog show while Bella and Zane did obedience and rally. It was so much fun to see Ander strutting around like he owned the place. He is definitely picking certain people that he adores and wants to visit. And there are certain dogs that he just really doesn’t want near him. I can respect that and not worry about it as there are plenty of other dogs that he visits with no problem.

Tonight we did our walk-aways without a leash. He could do it! He is learning some self-control. Uh. . . well. . . maybe in that one context. If I’m eating an apple he’s leaping into my lap. No self-control then. And he’s pushy for ice-cubes. Of course, those are perfect real life training opportunities and he doesn’t get the apple or the ice when he’s leaping and pushing. He gets it when he sits and gives eye contact.

I’m starting to play with his “spot” (2o2o position) to stabilize his rear legs to start teaching a free stack to him. I want the back legs to set and not move while he steps up with the front legs to a nice stack. It’s hard to tell exact position since his back legs are 2″ up, so once he understands this concept, I need to move to a flat target to really get what I want, then transfer to no target.


One comment on “Dog Show Weekend

  1. ice cubes are a hit with the brother too!

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