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Paw Pods

Tonight I pulled out the paw pods that a friend returned last week. I put two on the ground, not expecting much – it’s a pretty advanced exercise to get your back feet on those. Well, Ander did it within seconds. Wow! I can’t believe this boy!

On his free-stacking work, I’ve got him down to a 1/2″ board. I need to start working in front of a mirror as I see in the video that his back is sagging many times. I don’t see it when I’m front, so must start using the mirror. I think he’s getting the hang of it though!

Ander does NOT generalize well. For his perchwork, I can get him down to a tiny little target and he can still swing into heel or side and do his pivots. No target, and he can’t do it. If I moved away from the target, he tried to move it closer to me. You can do this work without a target Ander!

He met a couple of new dogs at the park today and played with them a bit. He’s still showing a touch of concern (only with certain dogs), so he’s going to go play with these two tomorrow at their house. He met a big male border collie at herding last week with no concern. Of course, that dog wasn’t interested in him and wanted the sheep only. 😀 Today it was a BC and a doodle – The trainer working with them is very knowledgeable and knows that these dogs are good ones for him to work with.


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