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Look Ma! No target!

Ander’s perchwork is coming together! He doesn’t need a target in most situations now and is getting good!

We went to the park to train this morning and I was using tug as his reward. He gets amped up playing tug, and just couldn’t get into heel – the brain wouldn’t engage. So I just took a couple of steps back in training, pulled out a bowl for that visual reminder, and he could pivot into heel, get his tug, pivot into heel, get his tug. I like to get them to that state of arousal, then ask them to think. It will make all his behaviors stronger. This is also how I got an incredibly fast down from him – he drops like a rock so he can tug.

We stopped at the vet just to get a weight on him. I was in shock that he weighed 40.6 lb. Ack! Giant puppy!


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