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New Assignments

Today we received our new Trkman puppy class assignments. We worked the hardest two today, both morning and evening.

The first assignment was much easier than I thought. It was 2o2o, but with two legs on the same side of the body. He’s better doing it one way than the other as he prefers to “hike” with his right rear leg. I did work the other side this evening, and he’ll get it quickly.

The other one was wrapping a front paw around a pole. Interestingly, when teaching the “cross paws” behavior, he was much better at crossing the right paw, but now he’s better at crossing the pole with his left paw.

The first part of the video shows the training session for each behavior from the beginning, so you can see how quickly he figured out what I wanted. Now I have to figure out cues for them. . . . any ideas?

And here is a picture of the Twisty 2o2o:
21 weeks

This weekend we were in New Mexico for an APDT Rally trial. If Ander had been a month older, he could have done the puppy class – not that he knows all the exercises, but we could have flubbed our way through. He did “puppy planking” on two new objects:
20 weeks

20 weeks


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