He’s too smart

Ander is so busy these days. He’s always looking for something to carry around – usually shoes. People who don’t put their shoes away have to go on a shoe hunt. But he will take other things also. And if I’m carrying something in my hand, he wants it in his mouth. He makes me laugh.

I have this training plan in my head. After making the video of Ander penning the ducks, I want to make a whole mini arena and have him take the ducks through panels before penning them. One of the behaviors he’ll need is to go to a “place” – that’s how I’ll get him through the gates. So tonight I started working on place. I pulled out a hula hoop and threw it on the ground. I was going to shape him to stand in it, but the first thing he did was go stand in it. So I rewarded, released, and waited to shape it. Again, he went right into it and stood. Smartie-pants! It didn’t even take any training!

While training he did get the toy away from me and tried to play keep-away. Ha! That doesn’t work! I just turn it right around and get him chasing me instead. We’ve been playing the “getcha'” game, so he understands what I’m doing and he’s ready to play.


2 comments on “He’s too smart

  1. he looks so cute! I don’t find him as leggy when I watch the video. I can’t believe how quickly he catches on to things!

    • Although he’s leggy and gangly, he doesn’t move like a gangly teenager. He’s very aware of his movements. So I think that helps with how he looks while moving.

      And yes, he is figuring things out so fast. It’s insane! I introduced the right finish this morning, and this evening he knew what to do. There’s still a big hand signal and a lot of body motion, but I’m not having to do all the backchaining and work that I usually have to do. He just got it.

      And for the past 30 minutes he’s been sitting here staring at me. He wants to do more work! We did enough Ander!

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