He’s still a smartie-pants

Ander can now jump on the couch by himself.  He thinks he’s hot stuff!  “I’m going to get up there and crawl all over you now!”

Our APDT Rally trial is scheduled for August, and he’ll be able to enter the puppy class.  I decided I better look over the exercises and figure out what we need to work on.  Fronts are the big issue.  Although I’ve worked chair fronts, we haven’t done any recalls with fronts, nor started working on lining up in front, or calling to front while heeling.  So time to start front work:


Then I did a little practice of some of the other exercises to see how he would do.  I don’t train “exercises”.  I train foundation behaviors that I can pull from to get the exercises.  So here’s the first time we’ve actually worked a series of rally exercises.

And as if all that work wasn’t enough, he’s been sitting here staring at me for the past 30 minutes.  He doesn’t want to go outside.  He wants to work some more!  We’re done for now Ander!  You did enough. 


2 comments on “He’s still a smartie-pants

  1. soooo smart! I love it, sending it to Diane:)

  2. you can give him back if you don’t like him

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