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Sometimes training takes its own route

While training this evening, I worked position changes in front – stand, sit, down in all combinations. Very quickly, Ander starting popping from position to position to position without being asked. This is a classic clicker dog moment, but he’s been training from the start to hold a position until released or given another cue. […]

Agility work

I’ve started a bit more agility type work with Ander. No equipment. No real jumps. Just handling work. I’ve pulled out the cones and started working wraps, front crosses, and rear crosses. This evening I started doing some work with drop on recalls. An added bonus to this is that I get distance downs also. […]

5.5 months

He looks so much better than he did even 2 weeks ago. He’s growing up nicely!

Tortured Puppy

The poor puppy was totally tortured today. He got a bath. He got brushed. And he was forced to submit to pictures. Poor, poor puppy. When it was all done he was lying in front of the door. I went to check on him and he didn’t want me to come near him. He went […]

Working on retrieves

The past two days we’ve been working hard on retrieves. As is typical, although he will pick up the dumbbell and move a little bit, if I ask him to bring the dumbbell somewhere, he freezes and can’t figure out how to move. He is unable to multi-task and walk and carry a dumbbell at […]

Pack it in

This weekend we went to our first herding trial. It included a couple of other firsts. On Saturday after the trial, we went back to the hotel room and rested until time to go to the potluck dinner. For the first time ever, Ander laid beside me and napped. He’s usually too busy climbing on […]

Heel Work and Front Work