Pack it in

This weekend we went to our first herding trial. It included a couple of other firsts. On Saturday after the trial, we went back to the hotel room and rested until time to go to the potluck dinner. For the first time ever, Ander laid beside me and napped. He’s usually too busy climbing on me, kissing me, jumping down, jumping up, climbing on me, etc. But he curled up by my side and napped. What a wonderful boy.

I had him with me when awards were passed out. It was inside a metal workshop so the noises echoed funny. At first when people would clap, he’d look a little worried, so clapping started to mean “cookies from Mom”. Soon, people would clap, and he’d turn to me, “Where’s my cookie!” No more worry.

This morning I was too tired to even think about “real” training, so I was trying to figure out what to do with him. Well, there was my suitcase. I decided to shape him to get into my suitcase. But it was a carry-on size, and he couldn’t figure out how to curl up in it. So this evening I grabbed a bigger suitcase. He got it!


2 comments on “Pack it in

  1. what a sweet cuddly boy! I love the boys that like to be cuddled:) The suitcase thing is cute…he looks like a monster inside of it
    I had Catch read by my communicator yesterday. Since, he is more into his own personality. It was very interesting! She said that I shouldn’t give up on the testicle ‘yet’…she felt it was normal and might still drop. Her chiro does a specific adjustment that helps it to drop and has done this twice and had them drop within 15 minutes! Anyways, I got his number and am going to call him to see if he can explain to someone up here what to do.

  2. If you find out the chiro adjustment, let me know, and I’ll have my chiro try it.

    I want to get Ander curling up into a carry-on suitcase next. Then he’ll look really big!

    Does your communicator do long-distance readings? I should get Ander read again.

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