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Tortured Puppy

The poor puppy was totally tortured today. He got a bath. He got brushed. And he was forced to submit to pictures. Poor, poor puppy. When it was all done he was lying in front of the door. I went to check on him and he didn’t want me to come near him. He went into a crate and tried to hide in the back. I did pull him out and cuddled with him for awhile, then he was all better.

22 weeks

22 weeks

22 weeks

22 weeks

Yesterday we went to the river again. It’s getting lower and lower. Monsoon starts in July. . . sure hope it’s a good one this year!
Look at the legs he’s getting!
22 weeks

He loved to leap up on the bank. I love looking at this picture and imagining his future doing agility. He’s learning so much about timing and using his body just playing like this.
22 weeks

Here’s all the dogs at the river. We had a friend and her dog with us.

And tonight’s training – working through distractions.


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