Agility work

I’ve started a bit more agility type work with Ander. No equipment. No real jumps. Just handling work. I’ve pulled out the cones and started working wraps, front crosses, and rear crosses.

This evening I started doing some work with drop on recalls. An added bonus to this is that I get distance downs also.
In the mornings we’ve been working on retrieve with a front. He does NOT want to sit in front with anything in his mouth. This morning I had the thought to try a platform. You can see that it still isn’t easy, but I do get it a couple of times. I’ll keep working, but I think the platform may be the best option right now. If I ask him to come into front without it, he steps into front, then backs out and either doesn’t sit, or sits way out. The platform gives him that target until I get value for sitting in front with an object in his mouth. Any time he picks up something, I want him thinking, “Front!”


3 comments on “Agility work

  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so super smart–you have done such a great job with creating a ‘thinking’ dog with him. He is gonna be such a great boy for you and I think the ‘reserve’ will come in handy down the line when it comes time to compete. He won’t be worried about anything but his moma! Great job Nita:)

  2. I think his reserve is going away. Yesterday he wanted to jump on our herding instructor, and *nobody* jumps on Sue. He did bark at a dog who walked along the backside of our property while we were training yesterday – but I don’t blame him for thats – it’s usually coyotes out there and he was protecting. I’ll get him in another group class this summer to make sure we get lots of work around other dogs.

    He is really thinking and figuring things out. He’s a blast to work with and is so much more than I thought he’d be at this age. Love my Ander-Salamander!

  3. that is great to hear:) I was going to ask you how you thought he was in comparison to other pups you have brought along. I think Catch is probably the smartest and most intense. But, a goof and good natured. However, he probably has the most focus and will to work out of any of my dogs that I have brought along.

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