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Catching up

I’m way behind on updating this blog. So I’m not even going to try to get all the videos done. Training has continued, and there are a lot of videos of it. . . but I’ll just have to start with today’s (which is actually yesterday and today).

We had something happen last week that I wish I had on video. Ander’s learning to look away from pressure (beginning step for herding and for directed jumping). I have targets out to either side of him, one has food, when I raise my arm or the stick, he should look away from it, toward the target with the food, then he’s clicked and released to the food. Well, he got his food, then picked up the target, backed up to the couch and did his puppy planking with the target in his mouth. He’s really starting to put pieces of his training together in his own unique way.

I brought in a foster dog last week also. She’s a BC and had some issues trying to control the movement of the other dogs. Ander took offense and went after her. He is tenacious. He wasn’t going to let go and he wasn’t going to back down. Pretty darn tough for a 6mo pup. I think she must have told him something like, “Your mama had a tail,” and he felt the need to defend his mama’s honor. Right after that we continued walking and they did fine, and they’ve been fine since (and I’ve stopped the foster from that unwanted behavior.)

He had a fun trip to Home Depot last week. And he’s now my demo dog in my Focus and Control class. After he demos, he gets to sit in his crate and watch all the dogs work. This is very, very good for him. He gets to see lots of dogs working and being active, and not one of them is coming to get him.

And now for the video:


One comment on “Catching up

  1. he looks great Nita! I was wondering when I was gonna see another video! He appears to be really settling into his size now and looks so cute. I think he may be more of an ‘away’ doggy than a ‘come by’ doggy

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