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Traveling Dog

Last weekend we headed to San Diego. Ander traveled like a trooper, was great in the hotel, had fun playing at the lake and the parks, and took it all in.

I’ve really been working hard on his “woofing” at other dogs, and it’s almost gone. Whew! He just really needs to understand that watching out is my job. His job is to watch me.

At a park in SD. He was watching a horse go by.


I’m fostering a little female Border Collie, and after an initial little spat, they have become best buddies. Here they are schmoozing on the couch:

And Meg holding her own:

Today we headed to a dock diving pool for Bella to get in her swimming for conditioning. Ander loved it!
He was the only one of my dogs who would get the toy out of the water.

I was taking him down the ramp to get used to getting in the water without having to jump off the dock. But after being very hesitant the first time, the second time he jumped right in!

Look at him fly!


And training from the past couple of days.


One comment on “Traveling Dog

  1. wow! He has a ton of focus!!!! LOVE IT!

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