Agility fun

We’ve been hitting the obedience pretty hard, so it was time to break loose and have some fun with agility. We did jump chutes to start with. The boy is bouncing 10 and 12 foot bumps. Oh my. I knew from previous work that he can extend, but has some problems with collecting. So after some long stride work, we switched to the bumps 5 feet apart. I was actually very pleased with those. Nice collection.

Then some tunnel fun! He is driving out of that tunnel so hard to get his tug that I have to be braced or down I would go!

And then he did his first two contacts on the a-frame. I’m not having him go over it – just hopping up on the side and going down the few steps. All the pre-contact work we did pays off – the second time, he understood what to do and did a nice two-on-two-off. Now, I’m still not convinced that I want a 2o2o with him – do I do that or running contacts? I’m not sure. But I figure it can’t hurt to get him liking the bottom of the contacts.


5 comments on “Agility fun

  1. with his structure (not having as much shoulder layback and being a bigger boy), I would be inclined to do running on the A frame and 2o2o with the dog walk and teeter. that said, if he is rambo like his mom over the frame, I won’t ever put her to running. I kind of see what the dog is giving me. You could also do a one rear toe type of deal as it is really low impact on the front as well. RHythm has great structure, but didn’t use her 2o20 well over the frame well. She kept popping her shoulders out. She is naturally strided for a running over the frame and she does this now. We also don’t have a stop on the teeter, but do 2o2o with the dogwalk. Cora and Parfait are 2o2o for all, but they have beautiful contacts.

  2. does he ever have a huge stride Oh, his mom had a hard time with collection, but is beautiful with it now! After watching how he comes down on the frame, I might think of doing a one rear toe or two rear toes. Basically, the two rear feet on at the very edge of the frame, so the back is nice and level and hardly puts any stress on the front end. Food for thought and you are so clever and patient with training! Took too long for my likeing, so I went with running with Rhythm

  3. I knew 1RTO, but hadn’t heard of the 2RTO – I will play with that. I’m in no hurry to push any kind of contacts yet – there’s plenty of time to figure out what I want to do. Elicia Calhoun also has a method where they run all the way down then stop or down right past the equipment – that may work well with him too. And Rambo – what a great description! He does have a tendency to plow through and power through everything. 😀

  4. I like that method that Elicia does. Do you train with her?

  5. Train with Elicia?!? Bwa-ha-ha! I wish! She’s like 4 hours away. But a friend did a contact course with her and we’ve discussed the method. She’s coming over on Sunday, so I’m going to pick her brain.

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