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Ander’s Day

Ander has had quite the day.

He started the morning with attention and heeling work at the park near the dog park. Mid-morning he got a big knuckle bone to chew on. Late afternoon I was watering trees and critters, and left the hose on a tree too long. It had a big pool of water around it, and he had great fun digging and rooting in the water and mud.

Mud Puppy! - 6 months

He got banished to his crate.

Later I was dremeling nails and pulled him out to do his, then let him go play outside (he was still very muddy). While playing outside, he caught another adolescent chicken and started eating it. He was very good and let me take it from him. It was a rooster (luckily), so I just shrugged and gave it back to him. He ate almost everything – he left the chicken feet. He ate everything else, feathers and all. Needless to say, I didn’t give him any dinner.

And he ended his day with a much needed bath.

I either need to train the chickens to stay in their yard, or I need to train Ander to leave them alone. I wonder which will be easier.


One comment on “Ander’s Day

  1. probably teaching Ander to leave them along Gosh, he sure does sound as rotten as his mother is sorry–all smiles:) only cause I love it!
    No matter, he should learn to leave the livestock alone until told. No time like the present!

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