Introducing more equipment

Last night I had Ander’s dinner bowl and we headed outside. I was trying to figure out what to work on. Heeling? Retrieves? Something else? Then I saw the table. I haven’t introduced him to the table, so we did that. He jumped right up and I asked for a down. After that, I waited for the down. He thought for a couple of seconds, then plopped right down. After that, he knew exactly what to do – jump up and lay down. He got that fast! Now to start adding some distance.

After the table, we headed to the teeter. I lowered it to not quite its lowest setting. I’m using a technique I learned from a Julie Daniels dvd to help make them want to be on it. While he’s on it, I feed, but before he can get off, I release and the food ends. I release him from various points on the teeter, so sometimes it’s easy and he only has to get on. Sometimes it’s harder and he has to go past the pivot point.

We worked both pieces of equipment again this morning. I can see some hesitation on the teeter and saw it again with him avoiding the end when it was coming back up. So we finished the session just playing “bang the teeter”.

I’ve noticed that he’s really starting to fill out. He’s not the scrawny puppy he used to be. I have cut back on his food just a touch, but he’s not fat, just not as bony. I took him today to check his weight – 48.4 lb. I really thought he was going to be over 50, but he’s not! My goal this weekend is to get his 7 month picture. But that means bathtime! He’d rather skip the bath.

Ander has one thing he does that is sometimes endearing and sometimes annoying. But I guess it’s endearing enough that I haven’t stopped it, and not annoying enough to make me want to stop it. When I am carrying something in my hand, he has to put his mouth on it and help carry. Even better is if I let it go and let him carry it for me. He still brings me food bowls. He still gets the paper every morning. He just likes to carry things. And if it’s important enough for me to carry, he wants to help.


2 comments on “Introducing more equipment

  1. that’s neat…I love that he carries things around. Part of what I love about Catch is that he is always bringing me things. Anything, anytime, it’s cute. Can’t wait to see the 7 mth pics!

  2. he is so intense! I love watching him work…lots of heart!

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