Introducing more equipment

Last night I had Ander’s dinner bowl and we headed outside. I was trying to figure out what to work on. Heeling? Retrieves? Something else? Then I saw the table. I haven’t introduced him to the table, so we did that. He jumped right up and I asked for a down. After that, I waited […]

Fun day of swimming

We were back at the pool today. Ander jumped off the dock!! It’s not pretty yet, but he’s doing it. With confidence, he’ll soon be flying off. I also downloaded some pics from San Diego that I forgot about.

Ander’s Day

Ander has had quite the day. He started the morning with attention and heeling work at the park near the dog park. Mid-morning he got a big knuckle bone to chew on. Late afternoon I was watering trees and critters, and left the hose on a tree too long. It had a big pool of […]

Agility fun

We’ve been hitting the obedience pretty hard, so it was time to break loose and have some fun with agility. We did jump chutes to start with. The boy is bouncing 10 and 12 foot bumps. Oh my. I knew from previous work that he can extend, but has some problems with collecting. So after […]

Traveling Dog

Last weekend we headed to San Diego. Ander traveled like a trooper, was great in the hotel, had fun playing at the lake and the parks, and took it all in. I’ve really been working hard on his “woofing” at other dogs, and it’s almost gone. Whew! He just really needs to understand that watching […]

Get the mail

Remember me saying that Ander would get the newspaper in the morning and take off running with it? I do have him delivering it to hand about 85% of the time now. Much improved. So when I was looking around for something new to work on, I saw the Little Tikes Mailbox in the training […]

Catching up

I’m way behind on updating this blog. So I’m not even going to try to get all the videos done. Training has continued, and there are a lot of videos of it. . . but I’ll just have to start with today’s (which is actually yesterday and today). We had something happen last week that […]